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About me


Passionate about tennis since I was 8, I immediately knew that it would be my job… coach. Help others to progress and develop  their full potential.

Tennis player as a second serial "French Federation", I quickly specialized in teaching tennis to become a coach. Graduate at the french tennis federation  since 2008 and GPTCA B-Level International Coach certified in 2013.


I am currently director of tennis schools in two clubs in North of France.


After having trained a certain number of tennis players at departmental, regional and national level, it was natural, then I had interest in the mental aspect. The mental aspect of performance is the “key” element to victory. Having a strong mind, to be able to resist stress and provide great determination is one of the primary characteristics of great champions. Understand how the mind can influence the actions and behaviors of the competitor.

This is why in 2017 I had a certification in "mental dynamics in competition", I read and documented a lot on this subject.


Passionate about sports, by surpassing myself; i practice cycling, swimming, hiking. So in 2020 I submitted my application to the University of Lille "mental preparation and sports psychology". Aftet that, I get my University Diploma on mental preparation and sports psychology in 2021 with the mention: Good.

Link of the diploma (Master level):

After get my university degree, I followed additional training on Chinese energetics and Qi Gong. The objectives was:

  • Know the essential notions of Chinese energy.

  • Know the benefits and limits of Qi Gong.

  • To master a sequence in its realization and its applications.

  • For personal development, mental preparation… in individual and / or group sessions with the objective of performance and well-being.

- Coach GPTCA level B (ATP certified)

Mon parcours
Préparateur mental Demol Michaël
préparateur mental Nord pas de Calais
Préparateur mental Demol Michaël
Préparateur mental Nord pas de calais

A la suite de mon diplôme, j'ai suivi une formation complémentaire sur l'énergétique chinoise et Qi Gong ou les objectifs étaient les suivants :

  • Connaître les notions incontournables de l’énergétique chinoise.

  • Connaître les bienfaits et les limites du Qi Gong.

  • Maîtriser un enchaînement dans sa réalisation et ses applications.

  • Pour le développement personnel, la préparation mentale… en séances individuelles et/ou collectives avec un objectif de performance et de bien-être.

Préparateur mental Tennis

Pour toute demande d’information et/ou pour une prise de rendez-vous, veuillez me contacter en utilisant le formulaire de contact ou le mail indiqué sur le bas de la page.


Au plaisir de vous rencontrer ici ou ailleurs.

I am a mental trainer with a University Diploma on mental preparation and sports psychology in Lille.
A preparation that adapts to athletes,     e-sport, students and the business world.


As a mental trainer, I follow several sportsmen from the amateur to the international athlete  especially in horse riding (show jumping), windsurfing and tennis.

The themes are very varied from the search for confidence to the improvement of concentration through the management of stress and emotions.

I adapt to each request!

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