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Personalized support at the service of your talents

Mobilize your full potential at the right time

“Winning is not finishing in first position, it is not beating others. Winning is about overcoming yourself, overcoming your body, your limits and your fears. Winning is to surpass yourself and turning his dreams into reality ".

Kilian Jornet

Homme jouant au golf
Homme jouant au golf


At all levels, make the difference with an adapted mental preparation!

“Mental preparation covers the use by the athlete, the approach of the competition, with techniques of anxiety control and of reinforcement of the motor efficiency… The mental preparation proposes a set of techniques that the athlete learns and applies in two objectives: to maintain the effectiveness of the gesture in a situation of competition and to shield oneself against the generating influences of stress. "

Marc LEVEQUE, doctor in neurosurgery

  • Manage stress and emotions

  • Manage your concentration

  • Manage your self-confidence

  • Manage your energy and recovery

  • Define aims

  • Manage your motivation

Taking up the work of Timothy Gallwey, performance = potential - interference.
Étudiant heureux


Live and fully succeed in your studies:

Everyone has everything they need within them. He just has to learn how to use it:

  • Maintain a quality focus

  • Maintain constant motivation

  • Be organized

  • Manage competitions and exams

  • Build confidence

  • Manage stress

I offer various programs resulting from high level sport, including balance and hygiene of life. They will allow your children to give the best of themselves and to mobilize their potential at the right times.

Étudiant heureux
Jetons de poker


This mental preparation means first of all knowing yourself better in order to act better on yourself and your environment, especially in e-sport.  where anxiety, stress are determining elements in a game. Mentally supporting these new "athletes" is essential to develop their project.


Efficient company

92% of executives have to concentrate on long periods of time and 75% of them have to decide very quickly (Malakoff-Médéric, 2016). Fostering the development of the mental capacities of your employees makes it possible to strengthen their efficiency and their commitment, a guarantee of the company's performance.

There are many positive things that can be learned from mental preparation training:

  • Improve management of employee stress and anxiety

  • Promote and strengthen their motivation and commitment;

  • Promote peaceful exchanges and a working climate, in a spirit of collaboration and collective efficiency;

  • Strengthen the brand image of the company, which thus appears modern and concerned about the well-being of its employees.

All the information concerning the half-day for your company:

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This can be individual and concern the entrepreneur, the independent, the auto entrepreneur in this case, let's get in touch to discuss it and make  move your business forward with confidence, boost your self-confidence and dispel your apprehensions.

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